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All uVi systems are featured with extensive basis software. There can be purchased any additional tools and algorithms. Furthermore uVi smart offers the opportunity to write its own routines with C ++.


The individual blogs can be described as following:

The surfacealgorithms have many approved quick and tricky possible settings. All algorithms can be connected to all surfaces.

The surface ROI´s (= region of interest) can be assigned to one or more centering. So external diameter can be adapted to an outline center midpoints or other centerings f.e. from the inner diameter. Measurements can be done onto all bodyedges with constrast. Die Centeredge can be drawn “somewhere” in the body picture. The finding will be done by constrast or contrast and form.

The connection between all single flaws from measurement or other inspection areas will be done finally onto the Teach in Table. Here the evaluation and classification is happening. To every ROI can be sorted into a dark limit or bright one each with appropriate defect sizes. As flaw sizes can be defined clustersizes and single flaw sizes – means areas with a special contrats and size and a defined space betwenn the next single flaw. The limits can be improved by sample pictures.

After configuration the system can be switched into the inspection mode. Another additional improvement is also possible in this mode. Furthermore there is the possibility to access the system from a network at any time, which means the fine setup can be also arranged from every place around the world. In inspection mode the operator gets to see every error indication and it’s also shown in the menu. The operator can see why the part got ejected. Defect size, type and place are shown.


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