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uVi vision systems were developed for easy and quick integration at the face. A real plug & play installation is possible because of the easy mounting with lift and conveyor holder and the elaborate wiring. The adjustment of the imager is easy. There are normal adjustment screws and holders used. The object backround should be a clean belt or tray with a contrastfull color. The main monting frame is connected to the conveyor with just 4 screws.

For the use inside robotic or production machines special holder are necessary. An adaptation of„field of view” is with different objects possible. By use of cut outs is the commitment of multi camera systems possible, that means several cameras can be gripped at the same time. The connection between the several inspection tasks happens at the teach in chart.

Trigger, Gear Clock and ejector are equipped with appropriate universal holders and can be monted in a short amount of time. By handling robots is the complexity different with every construction. A handling control like for example the reject through a connected 5 axle robot is as a standard available.